5fm Love Sucks Party – Vogue nightclub

On valentines day, 14 Feb 2014, I was commissioned to shoot the 5fm, Love Sucks Party at Vogue Nightclub for some event photography and video, in Umbilo Road, Durban.
I took care of the stills and had a colleague shooting some video of the event highlighting the energy and vibe as well as the clients branding and promoters etc…

The night was a little quiet and I believe this was due to venue selection, but none the less, the branding was awesome, which is something that we don’t often see.
Everything ran like clockwork and was extremely well organised.

Here are a few shots from the evening, along with the short video edit I put together for the client.

5fm Love Sucks – Vogue Nightclub from Geecee on Vimeo.

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