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5fm Love Sucks Party – Vogue nightclub

On valentines day, 14 Feb 2014, I was commissioned to shoot the 5fm, Love Sucks Party at Vogue Nightclub for some event photography and video, in Umbilo Road, Durban.
I took care of the stills and had a colleague shooting some video of the event highlighting the energy and vibe as well as the clients branding and promoters etc…

The night was a little quiet and I believe this was due to venue selection, but none the less, the branding was awesome, which is something that we don’t often see.
Everything ran like clockwork and was extremely well organised.

Colour Festival Durban

Colour Festival Durban

Recently had the privelege of shooting the Colour Festival in Durban.
A solid line up of DJ’s with the added colour from the ‘powder’ that was thrown around really made for some fun shooting.

I teamed up with noeyedeer for this one, and spent a few hours at gateway in amongst the 6000+ crowd that had gathered at Gateway’s Wavehouse recently.


New Website Launched

Finally got around to sorting out this website. It has been long overdue, so very glad to finally hit the button and launch this site.

Drop me some comments, would love to know your thoughts. And please don’t forget to give us  a call for any and all your photographing needs, whether it be family, corporate and commercial, we can offer you a solution.


Rise Against

Ramfest 2013 – Rise Against, Bring me the Horizon, Pestroy

RAMfest 2013, well what can I say. Rise Against has been one of my favourite bands for a good few years now, finally got the chance to see them perform life in South Africa, better yet, in Durban, which, if you have any idea about live concerts, doesn’t happen too often.

Another plus, I got to take a few photos of them, once again teaming up with noeyedeer to document the event.

Along with Rise Against I got to shoot local band, Pestroy, and another International band, Bring Me the Horizon. All equally as cool as Rise Against.

Click over to the link on the noeyedeer website: http://noeyedeer.co.za/ramfest-durban-epic/

Or just check out the photos below

Cafe Trattoria (8 of 102)

Craft Trattoria – Cook Off

I had the pleasure of shooting at Craft Trattoria to cover a wine tasting evening that also consisted of  a cook off between one of their chefs and the restaurant owner.


Vawter Activation – Cafe Vacca Matta, Suncoast Casino

Covered an Activation for Vawter, held at Cafe Vacca Matta, Suncoast Casino.
The area was a little cramped, and we were right by a doorway which meant for a lot a traffic through our ‘shooting’ area.

Initially wanted to have a 2 light setup, but had to go with a single strobe due the the space constraints.
We did branding and printing onsite, and each person got a copy of their photo with the clients provided branding/border.

All in all a fun evening/event.


J & B, Metro FM event, Durban Beach Front

Got a last minute call to do a 12 hour shoot on Durban Beachfront covering an event for J&B and Metro FM.
We had our studio lighting with a backdrop and the event organizers supplied some props for the shoot.

We shot on the fly through out the day/night and printed onsite with the clients supplied branding, giving attendees a small memento of the event. A very successful event.

Here are a few of the photos from the event